What About the Cost?

There are three cost components to consider (excluding your investment in your degree):

  • PSB's fees
  • Membership fees assessed by your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA)
  • Incidental expenses you may incur (e.g., meals/coffee with your Mentor, any seminars or workshops you may attend as part of your mentorship, etc.)

We can only speak to our own fees.  For the two entry routes described above, these are:


Accredited Degree


PSB Application Fee (non-refundable)



Ethics & Professionalism Course and Examination



Professional Examination






Our fees are subject to GST/HST, and that is not reflected in the above table. 

How Does this Compare with Other Professional Organizations?

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) provides professional certification in Human Resources Management (HR).  Candidates for their process must have at least an undergraduate degree (although it need not be in HR).  HRPA requires their candidates to take nine courses and sit a National Knowledge Exam (NKE) before certification.  HRPA offers those nine courses in an on-line format ($375.00/course) or through their Evening Academic Program (EAP, at a cost of $445.00/course).  Registration for the NKE is $275.00.  Thus, depending on the method of taking the courses, HRPA candidates face fees of:


On-line Courses


Course Fees (9 courses)









This is obviously quite a bit more expensive than PSB's process.

The Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) provides professional certification for managers.  Admission criteria to CIM vary; once admitted, candidates for certification must complete eight courses.  CIM offers courses through distance learning, and the fee includes membership in the Institute ($115.00/year).  Candidates for certification typically take one or two courses per year.  Excluding membership, CIM candidates face fees of:


1 Course/Year

2 Courses/year

Course Fees (8 courses)



Again, this is quite a bit more expensive than PSB's process.

In addition, consider that you can spread your investment in certification via PSB over a number of years – you actually have seven years to complete our process – so you don't have to come up with the total fee at the outset, and, of course, you will hopefully be working and earning an income at the same time.