Professional Examination

The Professional Examination is a formal, multiple choice Examination that is offered twice in each year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall. It will be marked, and a "pass" is 80%. The purposes of the Professional Examination are:

  • To assist in assessing your suitability for admission to full (certified) membership in your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association
  • To evaluate your understanding, comprehension, interpretation and ability to apply the CIP Code of Professional Conduct,
  • To assess your comprehension and understanding of broader issues of professionalism and related, relevant competencies for professional planners

The Examination will take place in a predetermined centre, the location is posted closer to the date of the exam here.  If you are unable to attend the centre, PSB will work with you to reach an accommodation whereby you can be supervised by an appropriate person at a more convenient location.

You will need to apply to PSB to write the Professional Examination, and can only do so if you have successfully completed all the other requirements.

For more details on the Professional Examination, please click here.

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