Effective January 2013, OPPI requested that PSB administer the Professional Examination for their Candidate (Provisional) members in lieu of the oral Exam A.  As a result, if you were a Provisional member of OPPI prior to January 2013, and had not completed the process leading to full (certified) membership, you will be required to write the Professional Examination instead of taking Exam A.  OPPI no longer offers Exam A.


Q.  When am I eligible to write the Professional Examination?

A.  You must have completed the Membership Course (if applicable) plus any other requirements identified by OPPI, submitted your work experience logs, signed by your Sponsor, to OPPI, have them approved by their reviewer, and certified by OPPI’s Registrar in order to be eligible.  Just as was the case with Exam A, the Professional Examination is your last step toward full (certified) membership.  OPPI will confirm your eligibility to you.

Q.  Do I have to complete a year of Mentorship and the Ethics & Professionalism Course and test to be eligible to write?

A.  No, you do not.  The Mentorship and Ethics & Professionalism requirements only apply to those who have registered in PSB’s process as Candidates.  Eligibility for Candidate (Provisional) members is based solely on OPPI’s requirements.

Q.  Do I register to write the Professional Examination through OPPI?

A.  No, you must register with PSB and submit payment to us by the deadline in order to write.  The deadline is ten (10) calendar days before the Examination date.  Late registration or registration at the door is not permitted.

Q.  I see that those going through the PSB process may try the Professional Examination three times.  As a Candidate (Provisional) member, how many attempts will I have?

A.  OPPI’s rules apply in this area. On September 30, 2014, OPPI changed these rules to permit three (3) attempts at the Examination, so Candidate (Provisional) members have the same opportunities as have Candidate members enrolled in PSB’s process.

Q.  What happens if, after three attempts, I am still not successful?

A.  You have the option of entering PSB’s process at that point.  OPPI is unable to readmit you as a Candidate (Provisional) member.

Q.  Who will notify me of my Examination results?

A.  Under our agreement with OPPI, they will notify you of the results.  This may take a day or two longer than the time period quoted in the main Professional Examination FAQ.