What About the Examinations?

The process being administered by PSB requires you to write one Examination and one test:

  • Ethics & Professionalism:  this test can be taken upon completion of the Ethics & Professionalism course.  The course is continuous intake (you may begin it whenever you are ready) and self-paced (you work through the modules at your leisure, as long as you complete the course and take the test within six months of enrolment).  Since the test is also continuous intake, you can take it at your convenience – no waiting!  The test is designed to be marked rapidly, so you will know your result quickly
  • Professional Examination:  we offer sittings for this Examination twice annually – usually in March and again in September.  Although you cannot register for this Examination until you have satisfactorily completed all the other requirements (passed the Ethics & Professionalism test and completed both your mentorship and sponsorship), the semi-annual sittings give you some flexibility in timing of this Examination

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