What About the Examinations?

The process being administered by PSB requires you to write one Examination and one test:

  • Ethics & Professionalism:  this test can be taken upon completion of the Ethics & Professionalism course.  The course is continuous intake (you may begin it whenever you are ready) and self-paced (you work through the modules at your leisure, as long as you complete the course and take the test within six months of enrolment).  Since the test is also continuous intake, you can take it at your convenience – no waiting!  The test is designed to be marked rapidly, so you will know your result quickly
  • Professional Examination:  we offer sittings for this Examination twice annually – usually in March and again in September.  Although you cannot register for this Examination until you have satisfactorily completed all the other requirements (passed the Ethics & Professionalism test and completed both your mentorship and sponsorship), the semi-annual sittings give you some flexibility in timing of this Examination

Mentors and Sponsors

Your Mentor and Sponsor are a critical part of your certification process.  Ideally, you will have identified both a Mentor and a Sponsor at the time you submit your application to us, but you have up to 90 days from that time to find them.  Mentorship is a new requirement resulting from the Planning for the Future process CIP initiated in 2006, while sponsorship (having your Record of Practical Work Experience signed off on by an experienced planner) has long been required.

Who can be a Mentor or Sponsor? 




Experience as an RPP

Must be a full (certified) member of a Provincial /Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) /RPP (or LPP, etc.) in good standing for at least 3 years

Must be a full (certified) member of a Provincial /Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) /RPP (or LPP, etc.) in good standing for at least 3 years

Work Relationship

Ideally, your Mentor is a close work colleague

Your Sponsor cannot be a close work colleague (someone you work directly for or with, or who works directly for you) and should also not be in a close personal relationship with you

Geographic Issues

Because you meet with your Mentor regularly, it is helpful for him/her to be geographically close to you.  If this is not possible, you may, however, “meet” electronically (IM, Skype, etc.)

Not relevant

Please note that you cannot have the same person filling both roles.  In addition, your Mentor and Sponsor must currently be members in good standing at the time of your application and during the mentorship/sponsorship process

Further information can be found on our pages about mentorship and sponsorship.  Both your Mentor and Sponsor should review the respective Guides and orientation materials, and both must sign an agreement with you.  At the end of the mentorship or sponsorship, each will sign the appropriate record once they have satisfied themselves you have achieved the mentorship/sponsorship objectives.  All of these forms are available on the applicable pages of our website as linked in the first sentence of this paragraph.

It is your responsibility to find your Mentor and Sponsor; normally, your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) cannot assist you in this.  PSB, however, is working to develop a list of people willing to serve in either capacity; check the website often for an update.